We are proud to be a Scottish agent for Dipperfox stump grinders. Offering sales, parts and fitting of Dipperfox’s two current products; the SC600 and SC850. The SC600 model being based around 6-14 ton diggers and the SC850 for 14-30 ton diggers. These could also be mounted to other types of machinery given that the oil flow and pressures meet the requirements. We are able to fabricate and produce any hitch required depending on which it shall be mounted too.

The Dipperfox is a leading stump grinder on the market in terms of speed, efficiency and most importantly safety. Unlike other methods of stump removal, there are no high-speed moving parts resulting in high-speed chippings, making it ideal for urban stump removals as well as commercial use. By breaking the stump down into small pieces, this allows the stump to deteriorate at a faster speed providing the soil with much needed nutrience thus creating a healthier growing site. Not to mention removing the need for excess costs of stump disposal. Mobile stump grinders and mulchers will only remove the stump to ground level or just below but the Dipperfox reaches a greater depth, breaking up the stump and root system giving a better result.